Where can I find one?

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Where can I find one?

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If you plan is to married in another country your were most like ask for a Single Status letter, a Certificate of no Impediment or Free to marry.
By whatever name its call it can be quite difficult to find. So here are a few tip to find one.

You can typically obtain a single status letter or certificate of non-impediment from your local government office responsible for vital records, such as the registrar’s office or department of health. These documents may also be available through consulates or embassies if you need them for international purposes. It’s best to check with the specific office or authority in your area to find out the exact process and requirements for obtaining such a certificate.

Since each USA state is different the above information may not work for you. You can find that information in another topic.

If you have information for you state please leave that information here so others can be helped.
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