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Getting an Apostille for your Birth Certificate

How to get your NY Birth Certificate Apostille

Processing a New York State Certification of Birth for an Apostille can be a confusing task. One reason it can be confusing to some people is because New York has 62 counties & within each county there are many towns. Each county has a County Clerk & each town has a Town Registrar. The Town Registrar  or the Registrar of Vital Statistics or Registrar of Vital Statistics or the Local Registrar is responsible to record the birth record & signed their signature on the Certification of Birth. Within the City of New York, New York City has as has 5 boroughs & a County Clerk for each borough & 1 City Registrar. In addition to all of the previously mentioned Registrars New York State has a Director of Vital Records.

To get your Birth Record process for an Apostille you will need to know from what town the Certification of Birth was issued, & who signed that document. Once you know who signed it you would then have to bring that document to the County Clerk whose jurisdiction covers that town that the Birth Certificate was issued from. The County Clerk will then verify the Town Registrar or the City Registrar signature. They do this by comparing the signature on the Birth Certificate & looking at a sample of that persons signature that they have on file. If they do not have a sample signature on file then you will not be able to have your Birth Certificate Authenticated & you will have to request a new Birth Certificate with the current Registrar. Also, it the issue date of the Birth Certificate is too old it will not be authenticated.

Now when it comes to New York City the procedure for getting an Apostille on your Birth Certificate is a little different. All Birth Certificate regardless of what borough they were issued from are only process by the New York County Clerk. In addition to the Birth Certificate the New York County Clerk will also require the “Letter of Exemplification of Birth or Death”. The only time the “Letter of Exemplification of Birth or Death” is issued is when you order a new “Long Form Birth Certificate.

New York State also issues Birth Records for New York. Those Birth Certificates are signed by the Director of Vital Records or the Assistant Director of Vital Records.  The signature sometimes will appear on the back of the Birth Records. The Birth Certificate issue directly by  the Director of Vital Records do not need to be Authenticated by the County Clerk.

As with everything there is always another way to do things. If you do not have your “Letter of Exemplification of Birth or Death” for you document, we can still get it apostille legally.

Various  term such as Birth Record, Birth Certificate or Certification of Birth are used throughout this document & the all refer to a Birth Certificate.

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