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FBI Apostille Apostille/Certification Embassy Legalization ... Certificate to Foreign Government Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products Certificate of Exportability Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA USDA Animal Health Certificate USPTO Trademark Certificate Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency Export Certificate for Animal Products Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate FBI Background Check USPTO Patent Certificate


We'll provide the necessary service to get your Department of Justice FBI Background Check Apostille or any other federally issued document. Your document will be hand carried to the government agency that is required to issue a Federal Apostille. The FBI Background Check Apostille is available for those countries that have joined and reconize other members of the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, aka (The Hague Convention). The other countries who are not part of this convention will receive a Federal Certification of Authority Apostille. We can also provide Embassy Legalization for any Embassy in Washington, DC

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions most frequently asked.

I need the Original FBI background check that was mailed to you. Or if you receive your FBI background check in your email then you can forward that email to me. Make sure the FBI background check you send to me has the water mark seal of the Department of Justice on it.

First you will need to have your fingerprints taken. Your fingerprint can be ink or digital. If your want to have ink prints then you need to download this fingerprint card and print it on card stock paper, which is thicker than a regular sheet of paper. If you chose to have your fingerprint sent by digital means then there are 2 methods. Take your ink prints to any US post office and ask them to send it. Or search the internet for 'FBI Channeler' or look at the FBI's List of Approved Channelers. if you are out of the USA you can search for a Channelers in the country you are in.

If you need it today we can have you sign an affidavit, attached it to your FBI background check and get it a New York State Apostille. This method is subjective and may not be acceptable to the person who is receiving it.

Federal Apostille for FBI background check and any other federal document may take up to 11 week using our regular service. However, call me for a special RUSH for getting your FBI Apostille in about 2 weeks.

No, you DO NOT have to be present in order for us to process your FBI background check Apostille.

If you're just getting an Apostille, we don't require your ID, however, some Consulates & Embassies like China, & Cuba may require a photo copy of your ID, & or for you to sign a special form.

Yes, A Notary Public is only interested in making sure you are the person signing the document & verifying your Identification to make sure you are the same person signing. The Notary Public also wants to make sure you understand the contents of the document that you are signing & are not under any pressure to sign something that you do not want to sign. Also, the notary portion of your document MUST be in English

Embassy Legalization is a very time consuming and the time it takes depends on the Consulate or Embassy it is going to. Once your document is authenticated by the local & state authority, it is either sent to the US Department of State in Washington DC. The US Department of State has a minimum of 4 days turn around during normal operations However since the pandemic it been taking 11 weeks, and it could be longer depending on their work load and the length of time at the Embassy. During the COvid-19 pandemic the US Department of stat was taking 6 - to 11 weeks, 2020-2023

We accept all types of payment for services, Cash, Business or Personal Check, Money Order, Credit Cards, or QuickBooks Invoice or by using STRIPE payment which can be made directly on this website, Checks. Credit cards and Money orders should be drawn from a bank located in the United States of America (USA) to avoid any delays because of difficulty processing.

The cost to do your job depends on how much work we have to do, each job is different, but if you send us your job information we can send you a estimated cost. We offer the fastest New York Apostille Service

We prefer that you Fedex us your document. but if you must to come to our office, please call as many time we are out of the office doing Rush apostilles Service or mobile notary work or picking up document for client that require Same Day Apostille service.

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